Pedagogy and Highlights

"The first step for futuristic education…"

Develop prolific thinking in every child is the main objective of Future Pathways. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible by stimulating creativity and intellectual curiosity amongst students, which was proven by our Research and Development team.

"A major breakthrough by our R&D team…"

Our R&D team has commenced that ‘a small child can assimilate more than 125 trillion facts’, which is scientifically proven in Education Brain Sciences.

In 2017, Ms. Seema along with her R & D team, successfully evidenced it from the tremendous results of our Mavericks learning approach through our Star Mavericks Program and further developed the approach towards higher grades to meet the New Age Demands and to broaden Young Minds.

Advanced Brainology that is powered by Mavericks learning approach is the Pedagogy and Andragogy that we have adopted in our Future pathways Global Schools

Advanced Brainology – Powered by Mavericks

"A scientific approach based on the studies from educational Brain Sciences… "

The Advanced Mavericks Program is derived from scientifically proven best principles of child development. This program brings a potential change in the overall usage of the child’s brain capacity, crucially defining their chances of becoming a GENIUS. This is a joyous learning approach where it specifically deals in dramatically increasing the intelligence and well-being of children.

‘Star Mavericks’ program, was introduced in the year 2016 at our schools in Bengaluru. This approach showed a tremendous outcome proving that joyous learning gives profound results of achievements. In addition to this, our recently introduced ‘Young Mavericks Program’ at Chennai, has set a benchmark in the success of our primary students as well.

"Making ecosphere as a new place for learning… "

To broaden young minds, we are now introducing Advanced Brainology – Powered by Mavericks Program in our Future Pathway Schools to meet the new age demands.

Imbibing the facts from neurobiological studies, we articulate that “learning in the brain refers to neural capacity to process and respond to different sensory or multimodal inputs on both basic and complex levels.” Based on these facts, we have classified our pedagogy into the following categories to offer our children an effortless and joyous learning experience.

The pedagogy is a neurocognitive approach that highlights the complete potential of the student and is inherent in our re-engineered curriculum that is structured with six pathways creating an environment that fosters the students to be the best versions of themselves in their own entirety. It also aims for imparting the global knowledge among students. This helps to lay an excellent foundation for children to explore globally preparing them for careers of tomorrow.

Our Mavericks Learning approach helps students to


Absorb concepts Faster

Mavericks boasts active learning with a broad range of Semantic Encoding that taps the cognitive area of your child augmenting his overall grasping capacity.


Comprehend Better

With various techniques including reading, visualizing, summarizing, etc., the Mavericks program augments a child's ability to perceive better and expand the ability of perception and comprehension.


Remember Longer

Various practices with working memory recommended by mavericks help consolidate long term memory enabling a child to remember the concept for long.


Retrieve Easier

Reviewing the content learnt is called the retrieval practice, which helps children to cement their learning for long by practicing and repeating. This practice is done effortlessly and help the student retriev the information from his/her memory easily.


Apply Smarter

Mavericks advocates 'practicing the application of learning', making it social and collaborative, developing the required skills to apply learning efficiently.

6C Learning Process

The six Cs are namely, Conception, Collaboration, Contrivance, Comprehension, Cognizance and Coherence. It is a step by step process of learning where learners are engaged in learning through 6 different techniques aligned in a way to achieve perfect coherent knowledge related to the topic.