A transdisciplinary framework to create lifelong learners and critical thinkers…

The curriculum in Future Pathways fills a unique niche by providing comprehensive understanding of how the brain develops, along with proven approaches for healthy brain development in children. Our curriculum includes CBSE along with IGCSE Cambridge for global exposure, which proffers sound international education to the students.

Reengineered Curriculum

Future Pathways proffers student’s pursuit of great dreams and lays a foundation for humble beginnings. It develops both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding by stimulating creativity and intellectual curiosity amongst students. To face the challenges in this gamut of the competitive world, Future Pathways creates an eccentric space that pivots an exceptional learning style to ensure student success.

The curriculum highlights the complete potential of the student and is prudently structured with 6 Pathways enabling the students to be 21 century leaders. Designed with CRUX, COMPANION, ENRICHMENT, PREPARATORY, LEADERSHIP and PROFICIENCY creating an environment that fosters the students to be the best versions of themselves in their own entirety.

All these 6 pathways extract the student insights and nurtures them to adapt to the needs of tomorrow. It defines the skill sets to meet the dynamics of the new age.

Integrating Core Concepts - The CRUX Pathway

The crux involves individualized or personalized learning which highlights the complete potential of the student. Adapting to the modernized techniques and skills requires the inclusion of subjects like Design thinking, STEM, robotics and coding which are an integral part of crux along with regular subject like science, mathematics, social studies and languages.

Strategic Approach - The Preparatory Pathway

Many students aspire to attempt various competitive exams; the Future Pathways promises to get the students ready for these exams with the help of the Preparatory Pathway program. It lays a strong foundation for mastering in competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, NDA, CLAT, CPT, SAT, AP. Coaching for entrance exams since the early ages makes students achieve their end-goals more effectively. Keeping this in mind, we have attempted to evolve the most effective learning processes from the primary grades itself.


Fostering Passion - The Companion Pathway

Electives offered in the companion pathway promote learning beyond regular subjects. The student gets a seek peek into the real world by exploring subjects like entrepreneurship, trade field studies, financial literacy, and photojournalism.

Challenging Inhibitions - The Leadership Pathway

A true leader is someone who is capable of being an inspiration. In the near future, half the distinguished population will have its roots firmly planted in technical knowledge and skills; while the other half will have interpersonal skills like no other. Like the mind and heart rule over our body, these two halves will have to work in perfect sync which would be the role of a leader. The Leadership pathway aims at developing the student’s social, emotional and physical skills to mould them into future leaders who have sound technical knowledge with great interpersonal skills. Leadership Pathway will include leadership houses, community projects, inter-school competitions, student exchange programs and TED talks.


Promoting Potential - The Enrichment Pathway

Looking at an object from all its sides will give the student a better understanding of that object. The enrichment clubs pave a way for the student to look at the same content through different lenses. The enrichment clubs aim at nurturing the student’s dynamic collection of skills and talents by prompting them to work on their problem solving skills in topics from oceanography, astronomy, epic literature, judiciary, archelogy, space sciences, linguistic and mathematical education.

Mastering Capabilities - The Proficiency Pathway

Supporting the students to gain a wide and clear perspective of the career opportunities that are in front of them is the aim of Strides Pathway. It imparts a solution that identifies, explores, and prepares students to understand and establish their right path. It provides opportunities to meet experts from different fields, who can offer a wealth of experience which facilitate them to make striking decisions for their futures.