Our Programs

Early Years Program

Grades Pre-K, IK-1, IK-2

Reception Years Program

Grades 1 and 2

Primary Years Program

Grades 3,4,5

Introductory Years Program

Grades 6,7,8

Formal Years Program

Grades 9 and 10


  • The Maverciks learning approach to unlock the genius within

  • Re engineered Curriculum with new age Subjects like Design thinking, STEAM, Robotics, etc.

  • Fostering passion with Entrepreneurship, financial literacy, Visual & Performing arts etc.

  • Digital Advantage for concept reinforcement through Gamification and Game based learning

  • Enriching Potential through project based learning

  • Challenging inhibitions through leadership programs like TED talks, community projects

  • Innovation lab to encourage creators of 21st century

  • Fusion of ancient wisdom and a la mode techniques to prepare Gen Alpha for the electronic age

  • Mastering Capabilities through Preparatory classes

  • STRIDES Career guidance and Mentorship program for future career prospects